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The in-house nursery is a significant move towards expanding our afforestation programme


Protecting the environment

At Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL), environmental considerations are embedded into the very DNA of our business. Our operations use best-in-class scientific techniques and processes, which we believe is the key to sustainability. We are relentless in our endeavour to create an eco-efficient mining outfit and a few such efforts are illustrated below:

Mining operations

Mining Division
We use the latest generation drilling machines that are equipped to arrest dust generation during drilling operations (Dry Dust Collection in TITON 600 Machine Series), that have a certified noise level outside the cabin below 85db (A) and with the highest ergonomics (air conditioned operator cabin and with all safety features)
Scientific blasting operations with the latest blasting tools and accessories under the strict supervision of competent engineers to ensure optimal use of explosive energy keeping fullest check and control over ground vibrations, fly-rock and air over pressure
Face machines such as excavators, front-end loaders and hauling units for transportation of blasted material are operated in an eco-friendly manner. Selection and operation of these machines strictly adhere to the Director General of Mines Safety (DGMS) guidelines
Mechanical fitness of heavy earth moving machinery (HEMM), including the non-destructive testing (NDT) is done in a regulated and structured manner
Eco-friendly equipment is deployed to minimise adverse environmental impact on land, air, and water. To compensate the transformation of landform in the course of open cast mining and the disposal of over-burden, special emphasis is laid on land use and biodiversity, by developing green belts and reclaiming abandoned areas

Environmental management

To minimise environmental impact during the three basic phases of the mining process -- exploration, development and construction; production; and post-production activities – we have adopted clean technology
Sprinkler trucks
For air management, dust suppression systems like dry fog (controls by suppressing all types of respirable and larger airborne dust particles), encapsulation, and chutes have been provided at all crusher and screen plants. Atomised fixed sprinklers are provided along the mine's permanent haul road. Regular water sprinkling is carried out by high-pressurised mobile water tankers in and around the mine transportation road. All the transportation roads have been concretised and plantations in and around mines add to the overall greening efforts

Dump stabilisation

We have in place biodegradable geo-textile mats, which are coir mats with permeable textile, which helps to grow vegetation by withholding water and soil nutrients to prevent slope failure and wash-off of material from the over burden dump. We have also created a plantation around the mines to increase green cover. A retaining wall and a garland drain with a series of siltation ponds have also been constructed

Water management

Sustainable water management (SWM) covers our water resources while taking into account the needs of present and future users. We advocate economical and efficient use of water in our mines. Mine and workshop effluent water is passed through a series of settling pits and oil and grease separation systems and the clean water is reused. We ensure that no untreated water is discharged from the mines to the outside. We also have a rain water harvesting system in place to facilitate ground water recharge

Improved waste management and implementation of cleaner technology

At EMIL, we take great care to use natural resources efficiently by minimising and recycling waste. We have incorporated a holistic approach from exploration, through operation, to closure, and consider all impacts, be it social, technical, economic or environmental in an attempt to decrease long term environmental stress

Monitoring of environmental parameters and environment reviews

We have our own environment wing which conducts round the clock surveillance over any inadvertent situation and periodically monitors all environmental parameters such as air, water, noise, soil, hazardous waste and gives regular feedback
To maintain constant vigil on environmental compliance, the Environment Cell carries out environmental reviews by ensuring quality monitoring and analysis, comparing the data with the stipulated standards of CPCB. As a feedback and follow-up of these environmental reviews, remedial measures have been taken wherever necessary
Periodic environmental reviews and extensive monitoring of the facilities carried out at all stations have helped us comply with the environmental norms. We also make sure to renew the air and water consents periodically
The development of the in-house nursery is a significant move towards expanding our afforestation programme. More than 50,000 saplings have been planted in the past two years, with a survival rate of 80 per cent

Monitoring the carbon footprint

EMIL has appointed environmental auditors, both internal and external, to help evaluate its carbon footprint. The rigorous, in-depth environmental audits of our mines are carried out by Det Norske Veritas, an autonomous certification body accredited in more than 21 countries. The certified auditors of the State Pollution Control Board and the environmental system auditors reconfirm our sense of responsibility and accountability