Rewards and recognition

Employee recognition

We believe the growth of our people is our strength, and that no achievement should go unrecognised. From a simple pat on the back to organising special events, here are a few ways by which we toast our employees' achievements:

  • The Chairman's Excellence Awards for individuals: The Chairman's Excellence Awards are given to individuals who have made an exemplary contribution not only to the business but other organisational issues as well. These include initiatives beyond the call of duty, out-of-the-box thinking, leadership, operational excellence, exceptional collaboration, substantial value addition to the organisation, contribution to institution-building initiatives, exceptional technology usage, contribution towards safety, health and environment, and an accurate demonstration of living and championing organisational values.
  • Monthly recognition: ComEx is a monthly event hosted by EMIL, in which top-performing individuals and teams are felicitated and recognised in categories such as best Kaizen, best e-learner, best safety contributor, best 5S zone and best waste elimination team.